NGO “IUVENTA” orientate their actions for the most part to the implementation of the program of the European Commission in cooperation with numerous partners in the region and beyond, and the presentation of the program through training and discussion.

Goals and tasks of the non-governmental organization “Iuventa" are: contribution to the strengthening of youth to become active in their own community, promotion of volunteer work and human rights, contribution of the youth participation in the society trough preparation of the youth to take more active role in salvation, as well as their own problems and the problems of the community and broader society.

NGO IUVENTA gives all the needed help and support to the youth about informal education, social status, mobility and information, active involvement and volunteer work, ecology and sustainable development.


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Contact Person: Dijana Puskar:
Phone: +38162625973, +38115310064
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Address: Prote Gligorija Babovica 26 15000 Sabac, Serbia