Agency of Youth Promotion and Development “Compass”

AYPD-Compass has been established by young people as a non-profit, non-governmental organization offering development services to youth, and aims at empowering the youth sector against all social, political and economic challenges. The goals are:
-To promote awareness of the dangers of discrimination including xenophobia, sexism and all forms of racism and to reinforce the importance of equal opportunities in all sectors of society.
-To instill in young people the importance of democracy in the organization of society, and to enhance their awareness of the principles of HR as elucidated in the Universal Declaration of HR and related international covenants.
-To encourage young people to recognize the value of cultural diversity, to actively explore other cultures and belief-systems with an open mind.
-To achieve aim and goals AYPD-Compass provides activities on:
• Civil & Human Rights Education;
• Pear Education;
• Conflict Prevention and Peace-building;

Agency of Youth  Promotion and  Development  “Compass”

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Phone: +995579973794, +995593190082, +995 99 158-256
Address: Apt. 2, house 3, Marelisi str., 0145, Tbilisi, Georgia